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In addition to providing a wide range of marketing and promotion management services designed to help your business promote YOU to your target audience, our main goal is to achieve your marketing objectives while not just acquiring new clientele, but retaining patrons in the long term.

One of the best ways to establish sincere connections and produce events that people will look forward to and plan to attend year after year is to manage the hosting of events and venues that engage the community in a high quality experience. This is how we effectively interact with your community.

The below list is JUST A FEW of the many events we have managed for our clients. We work behind the scenes by keeping most of our client events under wraps so their brand name and mission is the focus. Our website will contain events we were invited to promote on our page. 

  • Cultural Festivals: Celebrating local culture with music, dance, food, and art from the community.

  • Food and Drink Tastings: Partnering with local restaurants, breweries, and wineries offering tastings and cooking demonstrations.

  • Live Performances with local bands, dance troupes, and theater groups drawing crowds.

  • Fitness and Wellness Events: Fun runs and Workout Challenges promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets: Supporting local artisans and farmers by giving them a platform to sell their goods.

  • Fun Contests bringing more patron engagement with local businesses.

  • Partnerships: Collaborating with local businesses and organizations to co-host events and cross-promote.

  • Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Product Promotions

  • Video Productions:  Product  Demonstrations, How-To's and Inside the Business Q&A's that engage customers on a more personal level. 

  • Marketing Media Management highlighting "greatest moments" at events creating memorable experiences and encouraging continued success with ongoing events. Photos and videos speak a thousand words. A business gains credibility and reliability when events and interactions are captured in media and shared via social media and online sources in a unique, artful and entertaining way.

Make it fun!


make it fun

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