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A Strong Family Legacy Continues at Clarks Corner in Rocklin, CA

The Clark family's journey is truly remarkable, filled with resilience, determination, and a strong sense of community spirit. Despite facing numerous challenges, from health issues to the difficult decisions about the direction of Clarks Corner's future after the loss of their father, Mike Clark, they have consistently shown their ability to adapt and persevere, coming back bigger and stronger than ever before.

Mike Clark's passion for roofing and craftsmanship is evident throughout his life's work, from his early days working on roofs in Palm Springs to the establishment of M.S. Clark Roofing alongside his wife Dawn. Their dedication to their craft and their community is commendable as demonstrated through three decades as they continued to serve the Rocklin community with fine craftsmanship that lasted through the years of ups and downs.   

Clark Family Legacy
The passing of Mike Clark is undoubtedly a profound loss, not only for his family but also for the community he served and the impact he made on those around him. His legacy, however, lives on through the family’s values, the family business and the lessons he taught his family that are evident as they carry the torch and continue the adventure through Clarks’ Corner.

Mike Clark of Clarks Corner
Taking a look at Holly Clark's journey, despite her success in the Bay Area, her connection to family ultimately drew her back to Rocklin. Returning to her hometown provided her with the opportunity to contribute to her family's businesses and to further establish herself in the local community as a respected and strong business woman who not only manages the operations at Clarks Corner, but who supports other local businesses as well in all her efforts.

From growing up in downtown Rocklin to pursuing her passion for photography in Northern California and eventually returning to her roots, Holly's diverse talent and experience, from assisting with the family businesses to building her own career in photography and retail management, shine through as she reinvents herself once again at Clarks Corner.

Holly Clark, Owner of Clarks Corner in Rocklin, CA
Over the last decade, Holly's role in managing many stores and traveling to various accounts has undoubtedly reflected her dedication to fostering growth and teamwork between a myriad of businesses; qualities that are essential for success in any endeavor. Holly's journey exemplifies the Clark family's ethos of hard work, adaptability, and commitment to serving their community. Her expertise will undoubtedly play a significant role in the family's ongoing success as well as the success of neighboring businesses - because that is how Holly rolls.

As the Clark family embarks on this new chapter with Clarks Corner, it's clear that their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to serving their community remain as strong as ever. By expanding their services to support local makers and artists, they are not only honoring their Father’s legacy but also creating a lively and exciting community hub that reflects their values and vision for the future.

"Clarks Corner has a rich history that began with M.S. Clark Roofing, Buck's Traeger BBQs, and Clark & Corona Photography. As a family-owned business, we are always evolving, and in 2024 we are excited to announce that we will be expanding our services beyond just a retail boutique to support and connect with more local makers and artists. Along with our passion for craftsmanship, we will be incorporating food, music and various art forms to create a vibrant community hub. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!"

Holly Clark, Owner of Clarks Corner

May 2024

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